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Living Next to the Seaside

20 September 2017

Buying an Apartment near the Black sea

Are you dreaming about buying an apartment near the Black Sea? Then, it is time to go from dreaming to acting! Today, developers in Odessa re especially active. New residential complexes pop up from seemingly nowhere in different areas of the city. Some are closer to sea, other — further away. The class of property also varies greatly.

To buy an apartment at the seaside near the Black Sea is a big dream of any Ukrainian. If you have your own apartment near the sea, you can come to the seaside whenever you want! Even during winters when beaches are empty the feeling is great just like during summers when hotels are packed with tourists. Enjoy Odessa whenever your heart desires. You can live here or stay for some time – it depends on your preferences.

Before buying property near the Black Sea, carefully evaluate the offer:

  • Size;
  • Layout;
  • Conditions;
  • Engineering systems;
  • Location;
  • Floor number;
  • Price.

If all of the parameters suit your requirements, do not put away the idea of visiting the sales department personally. Become an owner of your own apartment near the seaside and realize your dream! Give your family a perfect present – all year long summer vacation!

Apartments near the Black Sea

Property in different areas of the country drastically differs in terms of price, quality, and living conditions. For example, new buildings in the capital and residential complexes in cities such as Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnepr, and other stand out due to technologically advanced approach to construction and original design.

Odessa is a highly developed city in Ukraine where thousands of tourists arrive each year to enjoy beautiful landscapes, architecture, beaches, and various sightseeing sites. Imagine all of these benefits being right under next to your home! Can’t believe it? Then, meet the residential complex Sea Symphony.

A 22-story building with each floor accommodating 13 apartments. There are different layouts: from single room variants to five rooms and even two-level apartments. A bright building with large panoramic windows with a view of the sea and luxurious apartments is more than deserving to be your home. Sea Symphony offers premium-class apartments directly from the developer! Use this opportunity right now!

Sea Symphony means apartments right next to the sea side with some options starting at 70 square meters. An apartment can be as big as 260 square meters. There are six elevators: 4 for regular passengers and 2 for heavy lifting! All necessary engineering systems are connected for each apartment.

Those who love and appreciate high quality living spaces will definitely buy an apartment in the residential complex Sea Symphony and never regret their decision. Spacious rooms, a beautiful sight from windows, and high ceilings are only several advantages of apartments in this residential complex. The territory of the complex features a multi-level open parking. There are also several convenience stores and a spa-center.

If you still doubt whether you need to purchase expensive housing, think about elite apartments as a reasonable investment. Over time, their prices will only grow. This will allow you to earn money in the long run. Right now, you can simply enjoy the crystal clear sea air and beautiful beaches situated right next to your home!