The “Sea Symphony” complex in Odessa was created for those who wish to emphasize their status and live near the sea. Now you can admire the morning highlights on the water or the colorful sea sunset right from the window or terrace of your apartment. The owners are waiting for elite comfort apartments and penthouses of business class of various layouts. The view from the panoramic windows to the sea is breathtaking, and the complex itself looks like a sea pearl. The complex, created by a reliable developer, not only inspires confidence in the quality and durability of housing, but also naturally harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. The Black Sea coast is the perfect place for such an elegant Art Nouveau building. Soft forms and gentle blue gamma reflect the clear sky and the calm sea. All these elements have merged into a single symphony of comfort and style.

Location and infrastructure

Being located in the heart of Arcadia, it provides convenient access to all the important connections of the city. The luxury of the area is beyond doubt and contributes to a lively but calm atmosphere. At hand, everything you need for a measured and active life of successful people. The infrastructure of the “Sea Symphony” can be called the pride of the complex. All modern standards of quality and comfort have been observed here, without which it is impossible to imagine a new luxury housing. The tenants have at their disposal a comfortable four-level parking, a cozy courtyard with trees and benches and decorative objects selected by the designers. On the territory there is a kindergarten, entertainment and shopping facilities. The owners of the apartments have everything you need for a comfortable life and rest.

Description of house

The complex is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame, the outer walls are insulated aerated concrete blocks. All apartments are equipped with German metal-plastic windows KBE (5-chamber profile with heat and sound insulation). The facade of the house is an aluminum translucent profile system Reynaers Germany. According to the new standards on energy saving, the house was insulated, with increased attention paid to fire safety regulations and requirements Energy efficiency – the main requirement that was put before the designers. Therefore, the heating system of the complex was developed using the boilers of the company Viessmann (Germany) whose efficiency is 103-106%. The system also allows you to put an individual (per apartment) heat meter. Uninterrupted supply of heat provides pumping equipment Grunfos (Denmark)

Comfort and security

The authors of the apartment complex implemented the concept of increased comfort: 6 elevators (including 2 trucks), wide, spacious common areas. Elevator equipment company Otis (France). Improvement of the territory: In our complex of 1 hectare of landscaping, Sports area (including Playground for StreetBall), children’s area: a playground, taking into account different age interests. Both zones are covered with safety, 5-centimeter carpet made of hot-pressed rubber crumb. Promenade promenade 200m, direct access to the sea. And most importantly, a strict separation of recreation areas and the territory of motor transport. The system implements a multi-level security system: an access control system, a video surveillance system on the territory and on floors, a dispatch system, physical security posts, a panic button system, presented on two security pulses – public and private. Also the systems of the complex are connected to the centralized fire safety console.

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