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The Development Update

15 July 2017

Do we even need to remind you about various architectural and technical aspects of the residential complex Sea Symphony?

They define the complex. The first and foremost is how apartments are laid out with each having windows facing the sea! Even on ground levels you can see the sea. However, you won’t be missing the city landscape. You will be able to enjoy the seaside Odessa with a panoramic site situated on the roof of the building. A cozy seafront invites you to run a couple of miles or simply experience the breeze while contemplating life. You will definitely find it useful to have a spacious parking lot for guests and your own car. You can be sure that your car is safe because the security system in Sea Symphony is also one of the best. The complex will be equipped with a customer service level that you find only in hotels. You will not be disturbed by any little inconvenience.

The project is handled by young creative professionals capable of implementing the best experiences and technologies. The creativity and quality are vivid in every aspect of the building. Our engineering and security systems including the fire safety system were meticulously tested and supervised. They do not have any analogs when compared to other new buildings in Odessa. All equipment and finishing materials come from the best suppliers and manufacturers. Sea Symphony is a perfect example of responsible construction and desire to be the best in the business. We do not want to use trivial statements, but yes, it was built with love and passion! And with respect towards future inhabitants. It is a great achievement for creators and a something to be proud of for future owners of apartments!